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Courtney's podcast are here to show you how to live the life you want. She wants you to be successful and she gives you the tools to do so. Success begins with a decision. The decision lies within you!
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Jun 3, 2015

What do you do when you come to the end of the clif? What do you do when your passion runs out and you can't see it in your future? It is often times we become bored with our current state only to realize that it was that our vision was not clear. There was no clarity.  In this podcast I share ways to get your passion back. 

May 20, 2015

After studying several hundreds of successful people, I created 10 laws of success that I observed as characteristics of the majority. In this podcast, you will learn 10 laws of success that can assist you in your quest to become greater.

May 6, 2015

You are super awesome but not everyone will like you. We know that but many will find you irresistible. Learn 8 ways to make you even more epic than you already are!

Apr 22, 2015

In life you have to make the decision become greater than you were the day before. In this message, I will share with you 5 ways to build a better you. 

Apr 4, 2015

Here are the top 10 signs of an entrepreneurial mindset. Listen to them and see where you may fall.  Sometimes we have more signs than we notice.

Mar 15, 2015

Sometimes you have to focus on changing little things to get the big change you want.  Don't focus on doing it "big"because you may not be able  handle it at the moment. Change is beautiful over time. 

Feb 26, 2015

You are what you think. How do you think? Do you see life with optimism? Do you look at the bad in all situations?

Dec 29, 2014

In this episode, Courtney teaches how to turn disappointment into success in 7 steps. 

Dec 29, 2014

In this episode, Courtney L. Teague shares tips of how to hit Control, Alternate and Delete to advance in life. 

Dec 29, 2014

In this podcast episode, Courtney L. Teague teaches you how to dance with the scars. Just because we are faced with turmoil does not mean we can't embrace and get through it.

Dec 25, 2014

7 Success Secrets of a Meaningful Life